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Get a Passport in Illinois

The Illinois Passport Office helps clients prepare documents for the procurement of expedited passports, rush visas, renewal passports, and replacements for passports that have been lost or stolen.

If you are an Illinois resident or visitor in need of a US passport rushed to you in time for a trip you've been planning, let us know what you need, whether you have lost your passport, had your passport stolen, needed your name changed on your passport due to marriage, divorce, or a court order or it has been less than five years since your passport expired. We can help you rush your passport application and get the necessary documentation together in time.

Illinois Passport Office also provides services for obtaining passports for children. So if you are planning to travel with a child and you need a replacement passport, let us know. Children's passports need to be replaced every five years and cannot be renewed, so be sure to check your child's documents in advance of your travel date to determine if replacements will be needed.

If you are traveling internationally and require rushed travel visas or additional passport pages, our team of experts at Illinois Passport Office can help you with that as well. Contact us now!

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